Hands on Learning-High Tech High

I was reading about High Tech High during my job search for after graduation and it took me back to a few thoughts on readings about education I have done in the past. John Dewey’s ideas tie into charter schools like High Tech High because they are very focused on learning in hands on and in independent ways. I can only imagine what a great experience it would be to learn how to use technology so applicably to all parts of education and teach in such a new way. The project based learning focus within the school is such a positive idea and it could be used in our nations schools to help students in their learning process and equip them for the future. By providing students with hands on learning, I fell that it is a way to put knowledge into practical use. From my experience, I participated in a program called “Destination Imagination, ” (DI) which was an academic program that uses different ways of presenting a topic that we would be given to learn. When my DI team had to learn about technology and computers, the only way that turned out to really be productive in teaching us about the subject was to actually USE computers and become comfortable with the topics through active learning. High Tech High is using this idea to teach students a certain skill of learning how to have effective use of technology and also learning other curriculum through their base of knowledge of technology. It seems like a great idea and a great way to become proficient in a certain area of passion, while still learning many other academic areas simultaneously.

If anyone has any experience with High Tech High, I’d love to hear!!


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